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Marriage – A mathematical formula!

 Once again, they had to spend thousands of dollars to research and come to a conclusion that marriage, which is the most challenging institution requiring love, commitment, effort, and compromise can only be successful if the partners are at least five years apart. Well, I would say……..you could have looked to India, especially ancient India where couples were married only if they were five, ten, fifteen or even twenty years apart.
So, ok ok! I am exaggerating a little. But I know my parents are ten years apart and so were my grandparents and their parents sand so on. Not once did they try to divorce or the thought cross their minds. In fact, I don’t remember my grandparents even being annoyed with each other or shouting at each other (or maybe by the time I was old enough to understand, they had lost their energy or teeth or whatever).
Anyway, coming back to the latest research which concluded that to have a happy married life, the woman has to be at least five years younger than the man, should be of the same background and intelligent enough to understand the realities.

Black and Blue Sari

A gory chilling crime

thriller or a life story

Black and Blue Sari is the first book the author, Kamal Dhillon has ever written. She doesn’t know, there may or may not be more to come. She talked to the editor of TAOM Dr Neelam Verma at length about her book and the circumstances that led to her first attempt at creativity. It took her three years to write but wants and hopes every Indo-Canadian woman needs to read the story.
The child was terrified by her mother’s screams for help. The sight of her father’s thick belt imprinted on her mom’s tiny body was unbearably painful and confusing to the little child. That awful occurrence increased in frequency and violence each time. She dreaded the next explosion and fear kept her up most nights. How could she feel safe when her father, who was supposed to be her role model, was spirally out of control?
She could never speak in her mother’s defence for fear of making things worse. She would just sit there being a sad helpless onlooker to the dreadful on-going saga.

‘Teen Patti’- what is your lucky number?

 Mathematics, gambling, greed, youth, wisdom and most importantly, choice. ‘Teen Patti’ is a film that explores choice. There are no right or wrong choices but the road you travel is defined by those very choices. These choices either bring out your strengths or expose your weaknesses. The journey I undertook with ‘Teen Patti’ made me face my fears and weaknesses and turn them into strength. In a lot of ways, that is what the film is about. Each film leaves you with a lesson learnt. My lesson through the journey of ‘Teen Patti’ has been, “Live by the proof and let God do the Mathematics!” – Leena Yadav.
After ‘3 idiots’, actor R. Madhavan seems to have taken the film industry by storm. After years of playing a chocolate boy image, 39-year old Madhavan’s true talent is depicted in his latest block bluster ‘teen patti’. He himself was apprehensive about the film due to the negative character of his role, but his fans were not. They lined up the theatres to see Madhavan work with the mega stars Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley. Madhavan certainly has come of age. R. Madhavan talks exclusively to the editor of TAOM Dr. Neelam Verma on the phone from Mumbai. Excerpts of an interview are published here.
What did you expect from ‘Teen Patti’?
It is a sort of a role I have never done before. It is the first time I played a character with “grey shades”. I play a professor in the film and have different looks but then when I go to different areas, I am dressed up as different characters. My expectations certainly are quiet high.

No issues on being a woman director

Leena Yadav’s `Teen Pattì was recently released and made headlines everywhere. A director with a reputation of working on unconventional storyline, she makes her latest offering all the more interesting by the permutations and combinations of her cast. Leena also consulted expert mathematicians to give an authenticity to her narrative. She consulted Professor L Subramaniam from the Indian Institute of Technology, Aditya Parmeswaran, studying at Stanford University, and many card experts. For the “human drama”, Leena wanted the best that could be had, so she cast Sir Ben Kingsley and Amitabh Bachchan. She says, “Mr Bachchan’s character, Venkat, is a strong one, so for the other character Perci, whom Venkat admires, we needed a stronger presence, and it could only be an international star.” Therefore, Leena got in touch with Sir Kingsley’s agent, and he liked the script and agreed to play the part. But at no point was any other international star part of the project, she clarifies. “At no point did I or the producer confirm the presence of Richard Gere or any other star. I do not know where that came from,” she says. Leena talked exclusively to Editor Dr Neelam Verma on her second film from Bombay. Excerpts:
Is the story fictional or has an element of reality?

Facebook fetched the role

Shakti Kapoor’s daughter Shraddha Kapoor, made her debut in the blockbuster ‘Teen Patti’. She played the character of Aparna Khanna, a quiet but determined young woman. Apu as she’s known by her gang – loses her innocence to a game of Teen Patti. Keen to succeed and make a name for her, she learns that the betrayals in a game are nothing compared to the betrayals in love. She talked exclusively with The Asian Outlook Magazine. Excerpts of an interview:

Acting is in your blood so I guess it comes naturally to you.
Sort of. I had always wanted to act and this happened by chance. The producer Ambika Hinduja saw my picture on my face book through my brother. It happened that my brother and she were friends and knew each other. Ambika asked about me to my brother Sidhant who told her that I am his sister. Ambika asked him if he could ask me that I wanted to audition. My brother said he could fix a meeting with me and she could ask me directly. When I listened to the script, I fell in love with it and went for the auditions. There were thousands of people for the audition but I was lucky to get selected.
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